05.08.19 / Posted by jirehconsult

Some time back when physical events was still the norm, I had the opportunity to view a newly-launched car in one of the malls. I was really excited because I’ve always been a fan of the brand and was eyeing that particular model for years!

I was like a little kid admiring the exterior and interior of the car. There was only one salesperson around and I asked him a few questions about the car. While he did answer my questions, I could see that there was no enthusiasm. He sounded like he didn’t care about the car or even his job. Maybe he was alone and overwhelmed with questions from visitors. I had this slight disappointment at how the salesperson interacted with his potential customers.

I always believe every decision in life has a domino effect. Whatever you do or decide will have an outcome on yourself and affect other people too. The salesperson’s behaviour did not only reflect poorly on his image but it also affected the company’s image, and perhaps to a larger extent, the sales.

Case in point, a few years ago, there was this salesperson who regularly texted my father on their new promotions and invited him for test drives. He was always enthusiastic and his passion shone through. To make the long story short, my car got stolen and I needed a replacement car. My father was so impressed by how persistent this salesperson was that he suggested that I go and meet him. I did. He was so patient with me (and my father and brother) and did his best to provide all the information we wanted. The next thing I knew, I have signed the sales papers!

The moral of the story is this – his hard work and patience paid off because he never gave up. This applies to everything in our life – we must do it with passion and persevere. For me, the motto ‘working hard with passion’ has been key for me to move this far in life.