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I’m married to PR?

This year marks my fourth year working in Jireh Consult and it is my sixth (year) in the industry. A little fact of my life: I took PR as my major for both Diploma and Degree.

If you ask me why I chose PR as my major, the honest answer is, ‘I have no idea!’ Maybe it was because I thought I was not creative enough for Advertising and my writing was not there yet to be a good journalist (a requirement for Journalism major). Therefore, I was left with PR from the options available. To be truthful, I did not understand much about PR during my studies. There were a lot of theories that we went through, I must say. At that time, I was kind of blur about my future career and just followed the flow until I graduated. This is a situation I suspect is not unfamiliar for most undergraduates.

Entering the working world, I came to understand PR better and from there I know that PR is my career path of choice. I decided then how far I want to go in this line. I climbed each rung of the ladder, as a Junior PR Executive to a Consultant now.

Many acquaintances that I know tried to switch job, into PR. Some were successful and some unfortunately did not survive that long. Reality check. PR is not an easy job and I would like to debunk the myth saying that PR is easy and glamorous. No, it is not.

So, why do I love PR so much even though it is a tough job? The answer is, it is that thrill, excitement and satisfaction.

Don’t you feel good when the CEO of a multinational company delivers the speech that you wrote in front of the public?

Don’t you feel good when the media use your press release and publish it?

Don’t you feel good when the clients and media adopt your ideas and say that the ideas are excellent?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, I believe you will understand why PR is part of my life. And yes, I am not ashamed to say … I’m married to PR!

Well, this is just a tad of excitement and satisfaction working in the industry. The appreciation you receive from the clients, media and the company you are working with, will also surely add the fun factors of working as a PR practitioner.

Of course, no work is a joy all the time. You will have those ups and downs, trying to juggle the challenging work life. However, as long as you have strong passion, perseverance, patience, willingness to learn and work very hard, you will achieve your goals one day. If it not is now, it will happen someday ☺

September 2017