31.03.16 / Posted by jirehconsult

Most people do not look at challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Whoa! What a statement!

There will always be highs and lows at work – when you get a promotion, increment or pat on the back OR when things do not go your way, you feel under appreciated, somebody is loafing about at work, or just plain bad chemistry.

When negative thoughts creep in, we look towards certain job portals to offer us “better everything”, or just as it would happen, the head hunter calls.

However, most of the top CEOs do not get to their position by job hopping when the going gets tough. As the song goes, when going gets tough, the tough gets going… unless your hands are tied and your reputation will be damaged because you are not allowed to do your best…

People who reach the top of their career through merit and handwork, do not look at their circumstances. They are not swayed by ‘discussions with friends, colleagues and family’ over their too much work and lack of etc etc. Nor are they carried away by emotions. Instead, they channel their energy, time and focus into getting the best outcome.

Debbie Koh
March 2016