02.09.15 / Posted by jirehconsult

Year 2015 is my fourth year in the Public Relations (PR) industry. Starting from when I had zero knowledge of the industry to today, when I am entrusted to handle campaigns on my own, I am still learning.

One of the learnings that I will always remember the most is, never ever make any assumption in anything. Some of you might have heard of the saying, “Assumption is the mother of evil”. This is so true.

When I was still a freshie and first started working, I tend to have the bad habit of making a lot assumptions. Needless to say, these inevitably landed me in hot soup.

Looking back, some of my top assumptions were:
I assumed that my teammate has sent that important email to client
I assumed that my client has received the press release that I sent to them the week before for perusal
I assumed that just because my teammate looks ‘free’, they have nothing to do in the office
…and many more every day activities that I took for granted that they were done or just because I have sent it, the other party must automatically have received or seen it.

After numerous scoldings from my superiors and lessons learnt the hard way, I now fully understand the need to avoid making assumptions based on our own judgments.

There are certainly occasions that your assumptions are correct. But trust you me, chances are, assumptions are usually wrong 90% of the time.

On the note of not assuming, doing follow-ups is certainly a good habit to have! Follow-ups is a practice of not taking for granted that your documents or emails have been delivered in good order… unless of course, the recipient acknowledged receipt or had acted on it.

Honestly, I sometimes still forget to follow up. This usually happens when I am up to my nose with assignments and work. That is also when time flies and it slips my mind to follow up with clients or media or any third party until my boss reminds me.

Well, this is something that I still need to learn and to turn into my good habit.

Until, the next journal, please do not get yourself into any hot water by making assumptions…

September 2015