24.05.16 / Posted by jirehconsult

In the working world, you will spend most of your time in the office, more so when you are in PR. If accumulated, those hours will amount to more time spent with your colleagues then you do with family.

Generally for myself, I spend more than eight hours at work and tend to leave the office after 6pm. Even that, I still check my emails occasionally at night and sometimes continue to do my work at home if there is an urgent deadline.

So, am I a workaholic? NO.

Do I have that ‘me’ time? Definitely a YES!

There will always be a thin line between being a workaholic and being a responsible person when it comes to work. Checking emails or messages after office hours does not mean that you are a workaholic or that you are neglecting your personal or social life.

The belief is that successful PR practitioners need to put in long work hours. Well, sometimes that is true, especially when you have projects back to back. But trust me, it does not happen all the time. Having been in PR for five years now, I know for a fact that I still have time to catch up with friends for dinner on weekdays, and spend time with family especially my parents over weekends.

It is all about time management and accountability.

Managing your time at work is about being focused and not easily distracted by things. When you are focused, the to do list can become the done list before you even know it.

I do have my procrastination moments, or sleepy mode after lunch. Regardless of these, I will still push myself to finish the tasks and assignments before the deadline because it is my responsibility. And the work will bear my name. And perhaps, the most important of all, my work will have a domino effect on my team mates. If I did not do my part, other people cannot continue their part because they are waiting for me to complete mine. And sometimes, it can have an adverse effect on not just me, but the entire team! Just like what Vivy Yusof said in her Instagram, “Work is amanah.”

Whatever style you have in the office, just remember to take pride in your own work. Do the best and hold your own self accountable. These are mantras that have been instilled in my brain thanks to my boss.

Susu Manis
May 2016