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Founded in the Saitama Prefecture in 1973, FamilyMart is the only international convenience-store chain originating from Japan. In 2016, FamilyMart entered Malaysia as its eighth market through a local area franchisee, Maxincome Resources, a wholly-owned subsidiary of QL Resources.

FamilyMart embodies the konbini concept, which is the Japanese take on the convenience store. Being a konbini, FamilyMart makes the modern consumer’s daily life easier and better through the offering of products, services and amenities by meeting the consumer at their level of need.

Jireh Consult has been involved in the communications for FamilyMart Malaysia right from the start – the announcement made in April. We counselled on and managed the communications strategy, positioning and messaging, and to a certain extent, their marketing as well.

FamilyMart hosted a Buka Puasa for bloggers in June 2017 FamilyMart hosted a Buka Puasa for bloggers in June 2017
0k0a1865 Facilitating the press conference with FamilyMart Co., Ltd and FamilyMart Malaysia
fm_0095 Briefing on FamilyMart to Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang and family as well as other influencers
img_8762 ntv7 News recording for a special coverage